I have worked with Teresa with wonderful results. No two sessions are alike. She follows my lead as to what I would like to work on and then uses her intuition and her vast knowledge and expertise in various healing modalities to create a unique healing session just for me. She is professional, focused, knowledgeable and 100% dedicated to creating a nurturing, safe, loving environment for clients to heal. I would recommend Teresa without hesitation. Teresa's sessions are of the highest integrity. I have experienced incredible results from the very first session. I am truly grateful that Teresa came into my life and has helped me to change it for the better. Infinite love and gratitude Teresa!

~Lori W.

Teresa and I have known each other for a few years. She told me about a technique that she was learning and offered to help me release some serious emotional challenges I was going through.

I went to Teresa with an open heart and mind. I didn't offer her much information in the way of what was troubling me and I appreciated that "option" of not having to spill my emotions out in order to be helped. Teresa, however, intuitively knew where to help me. I was in awe as I watched and experienced first hand how Teresa was able to delve into my emotional and spiritual self and immediately help me release all the stressful triggers I had going on in my life.

It took only 2 sessions with her and I was amazed as to how freeing the experience was. My stress was all but released and I felt like a lighter person….and…..since my 2 sessions I have released a stressful contractual agreement I was engaged in, attracted a person into my life that in the past I would've thought impossible to do, and have created a new life and job for myself upon a recent move I did.

I am in "awe" of the abundance of miracles I have rushing to me since my recent sessions with Teresa.

Give your heart, body, mind and soul a break from "stress" and let Teresa help you find your beautiful self in her sessions. You won't regret it!

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Wittenborn
Professional Speaker/Author

Teresa has done several session with me. She is SO good at getting to the core of the problem and then healing it with her loving, compassionate ways. She simplifies for me all the spiritual lessons out there and shows me how to apply it to my issue. She has made it easy for me to heal stresses and to now see them as a gift. I feel happier and lighter. I now feel like I have the tools to handle whatever happens in my life. Thank you Teresa!


I saw Teresa at a transitional time in my professional life, and her work with me was amazing! She guided me in a most unexpected manner, which touched the practical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of my current life, my potential options, and my past situations. I was able to get clear what I wanted, what was holding me back, and what guided me in making rash or poor choices in both my professional and personal life, in the past. Teresa was a warm, caring provider who supported me in a loving and non-judgmental fashion through this transition. I would highly recommend others who are searching for direction in any aspect of their lives to consult with Teresa and allow her to assist in guiding you through it!

Rhonda Pignato

When life transitions and challenges brought about new aches and pains, I sought relief from Holistic Life Coach, Teresa McGrath. I always believed in the mind, body, spirit connection but this was my first session to seek relief/renewal. Teresa's holistic method uncovers tensions and stressors I did not realize affected me and enables me to address those stressors and release them. Almost instantly, the pain from the pinched nerve and numbness in my calf were gone. Hours later, I was in complete relief from the pain and numbness. I have experienced several sessions and have learned alot about identifying and managing triggers that cause my stress and lead to physical comfort. Just as important, I am able to live a more joyful, loving life.


I appreciate the way that Teresa uses her extensive skills to come at an issue from many different angles. Teresa’s use of the Life Line technique is a very efficient way to get to the core of an issue. I have found Life Line to be a great source of deep inner healing. She is able to use her Life Coaching skills and other energy healing techniques in a way that compliments her ability to tune into the underlying issues. I have made progress in every issue that has been identified and I leave her sessions feeling calm and peaceful. Teresa is very kind and compassionate. Her sessions are a great way to move forward in my personal goals.

C. Halffield

I have been working with Teresa for years. Teresa has taught me so many techniques to help me deal with my emotional issues such as anxiety and sadness. She has helped bring calmness to my world. Teresa has been very dedicated to helping me and I could imagine she is the same with her other clients. She has made herself very accessible to me either by meeting with me face to face, over the phone or by answering a question through email. Every time I leave a session with her, I feel lighter and at ease. I wish I had the time to work with her more often because she has improved the quality of my life.