Public Speaking:

Teresa is an experienced public speaker and is available to present speeches on the following topics. Also, she is available to custom tailor a presentation of life coaching principles to a topic of your choice.


  1. THE HOLIDAYS: Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and stressful emotions in the way of truly enjoying the holidays.
  2. NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS AND GOALS: How to identify and release the emotional obstacles and limiting beliefs preventing you from attaining your goals.
  3. JOB SEARCH AND INTERVIEWS: How to eliminate unwanted emotions and lack of confidence surrounding job searches and interviews.
  4. WRITING THAT BOOK: How to release writer’s block, fear of getting started, and hesitancy in promoting your book.
  5. STRESS RELEASE TOOLS: You’ve identified your stress. Now, how do you get rid of it? Here’s how...
  6. PHYSICAL AILMENTS AND DISEASE: Healing the whole person, not just the physical symptoms. Releasing emotions and limiting beliefs involved in your disease and finding the life lessons from it.
  7. FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness does not mean that what the other person did was ok. Forgiveness is about letting the hurt out of you so that you can give to your own life experience as you did before it happened. Experience the tools and support to make that happen.
  8. PARENTING: Releasing the stress, unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs in the way of being the best parent that you can be.
  9. EMOTIONAL EATING: Finding and healing the core of emotional eating. Fix this problem forever, instead of just distracting yourself or toughing it out.
  10. MEDITATION: Learn a variety of ways to meditate so you can choose one that works best for you.