Teresa McGrath: Holistic Life Coach

Before getting certified in life coaching techniques, Teresa started her career by putting herself through the University of Illinois. She graduated with Honors with a degree in Organizational Behavior. She went on to work for AT&T for 10 years, most of them spent in Human Resources. There, she worked on: Interdepartmental Negotiations to reduce stress and improve relations, Career Counseling, Union/Management Negotiation Committee, Balancing Work and Family Programs, and Corporate Training.

Starting in the late 1980’s, Teresa started taking a wide variety of classes and programs in life coaching, holistic health, balancing mind/body/spirit, and nondenominational spiritual growth. She is a student of life and has spent decades researching many different healing techniques to find the most effective ones. She has used them to heal and handle her own challenges. Now, she can make it simpler and easier for you to do the same. Teresa loves working one-on-one to apply her compassion, wisdom, and years of experience to you and your challenges. Seeing you succeed is what brings a smile to her face. She continues to follow her passion of learning and sharing as much as possible so that you can live your highest and best life.

Teresa raised two wonderful children who are now flourishing in life, following their passions, and expressing their gifts. She has been happily married for many years and maintains a private practice in her offices in Chicago, IL and Sarasota, FL.